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Mindful Self Compasion


Half day workshop to show you how to be mindful to yourself and others in a compassionate way.

It’s full of self help techniques for the body, mind and soul and incorporates mindful principles and a variety of healing methods.

Mindfulness and self compassion allows us to live with less resistance towards ourselves . When we fully accept that life can be painful and begin to be kind to ourselves our life can be lived with greater ease. Research shows that self compassionate people are more likely to see the world in a more balanced perspective and are less likely to ruminate excessively on how bad things are.

Embrace your life

A healthy level of self compassion helps you to embrace yourself and your life just the way it is allowing you to move past the need to be perfect and helps you to support yourself with greater resilience and strength.

Self compassion motivates like a kind coach with support guidance and non judgementally.

When you are fully aware and accepting of who you are you can begin to live fully and with an inner sense of calm and ease.

I believe that you need to put the air mask on yourself before helping others.

Breathe and be calm. The rest will follow.

Beat burn out and exhaustion

 Do you feel like just stepping off !

Personally I know all about this.

Despite living what I thought was a healthy life I’ve sometimes been thrown a curve ball and ended up overwhelmed, ill and unable to function properly.

I know how to combat this whatever your circumstances. Ive come back from this and I can show you how. 

In fact it’s not about what happens to you its about how you respond to what happens to you. 

This workshop is a 2 hour introduction to techniques and methods to put you back on track. 

If you want to take your healing further this workshop leads on to the 1 on1 sessions or the 3 month intense mindfully compassionate programme.

Anyone can heal and live a happy fulfilled life with the right mindset, the right tools and some support.

When we are mindful of our struggles and respond to ourselves with compassion, kindness and support in times of difficulty things begin to change.



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Mindful Self Compassion


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Mindful self compassion

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Mindful self compassion

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