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Be kind to your mind

Be kind to your mind

When you work with me I can support you in journeying within to turn your confusion into clarity , clearing your mind of any clutter and unwanted thoughts to bring about a new sense of ease and inspiration.
My support and methods can  help you to begin to make sense of your emotions and listen to the messages of your body enabling your mind to respond in a calm and clear way.
You will learn how to recognise , release and change any unhelpful beliefs into more positive ones.
Whilst not forgetting that the body and mind are connected and to truly heal they must be in balance and working together.
A gentle way to change and grow is my aim for you.


I use a combination of many techniques combined with my own methods and intuition.

I am fully registered with the regulating body GHR and have been practising Hypnotherapy successfully  for over 15 years.






Self compassion








Positive Psychology

To accept that your journey needs to change and you want to find a different way takes the greatest courage.

I understand and want to help you to help yourself.

You cannot force yourself into better thoughts you need to relax yourself into better thoughts.

I Can Help You


  • Clear your mind clutter
  • Find your joy and inspiration
  • Identify and release and negative emotions held in your mind and body
  • Journey into your beliefs to find change
  • Flow with your own sense of peace and calm
  • Heal from inside out.


This is so possible.
When you know how.

Self Compassion


Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary where you can retreat too at any time to find yourself.

I can help you find this sacred place.

This is a journey back to you.

I have developed different methods of support and help for you at any stage on your journey.

So whether you are stressed, feeling a sense of loss, overwhelmed, anxious ,or suffering from stress related illness and an unbalanced or overweight body

I can help.


Testimonial from Isobel 

I did 4 sessions of Hypnotherapy with Joanna .  I was sceptical that it would work— but it really did .

She was able to guide me through traumatic times in my life and deal with them as a grown up .

I have never looked back.

Thoroughly recommend Joanna ,she excudes calmness and compassion. 

Individual healing

If you  need more individual support, I offer 1-on-1 sessions in Cambridge or Bury St Edmunds or remotely by zoom.

Alternatively, you can order a bespoke hypo-meditation audio. You can start by booking your free 20min consultation.

The Calm Box

A total relaxation at home where all your Senses are engaged.  It’s full of beautiful products and a calming meditation.

Meditation Parties

A fun mix of meditation, hyponoaroma and de-stress techniques tailored to your group needs.

Light Mind Programmes

 There are 3  group programmes available

Joyful Midlife, Light Mind Calm , Light Mind Body

All using the premise of the light mind

Calm. Positive. Resilient



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1-2-1 sessions

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The Light Mind 


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Mindful self compassion

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Mindful self compassion

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