Find your own
inner sense of peace with this hypno-meditation box

Everything you need to find your Calm place in one box


I have created this beautiful box so you can Journey to Calm through your own sense of self.

A complete de-stress and mindful self-compassion kit all in one box, perfect for someone who is stressed, anxious or on the verge of burnout.

This is the ideal self-healing gift for yourself or a loved one if you are struggling with the ever increasing pressures of life or are finding it hard to relax and think clearly.

 Here you can seek a Light Mind.

This pilgrimage requires no particular religion or set of beliefs it is a silent retreat into you,  using the wisdom of your own senses and the healing power of nature.

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(including P&P)

opening offer of £60 for a limited time only

The Journey Begins
To help you prepare for your Journey to Calm, in the box you will find an artists painting of your destination. The beautiful Mayfield lavender field in Banstead.

Look at this picture mindfully and study the colours and texture, the feelings  it evokes, and begin to allow your mind to travel into your inner core.

In the box is a link to take you to a deep hypno-meditation guiding you along your Journey to Calm. All you have to do is follow my voice and it’s ok to fall asleep. You will still be listening on a deep level.

To help you on your travels I have created a mindful booklet that guides you on your way and a crystal to touch and feel the energy and texture.

In the box is a beautiful natural aromatherapy candle to light your path and evoke your sense of smell, as you are infused with a sense of calm.

At the end of the journey, I have blended a serene organic herbal tea for you to taste as you allow all the leanings of the meditation and the stillness within to sink deeply into your soul.

This is a healing journey, so the room spray I have created is designed to take you back in your mind to your place of calm whenever you choose. Just spray the scent wherever you are and the power of the  hypno-meditation, and your own intuition  will transport you back to your place of calm.

This is my gift to you.

I have created it with love for all. 

Calmness and kindness
are the true cradles of power.


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Mindful self compassion

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Find your inner calm with this wonderful meditation that I prepared for you.

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Mindful self compassion

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