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What to expect in a private session

A typical one-on-one session begins with a conversation about you and how you are feeling in your life. What do you want to change and what’s holding you back?

From there I will teach you techniques to relax you into a state of calm, where we can access your subconscious mind and begin to unravel the knot of confusion.

I always begin with calming your mind and body then I move onto ways to be more positive and joyful, ending with methods to connect to your inner soul and meaning to give you the strength and resilience to continue on your new chosen path.

Each session is unique and different to you and your journey and I will use the various techniques of Hypnotherapy, meditation,  NLP and mindful self compassion. 

Calm. Positive. Resilient.

Sessions can be done virtually or in person in Suffolk, UK.

The  first session is £75 for 75 minutes.

Follow up sessions are for an hour and are priced at £70.

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Bespoke Audio

This is a unique personalised service which has evolved over time with requests from my clients.

All you need to do is  spend 30 minutes chatting to me on the phone about your worries and needs and I will create a bespoke light mind healing hypno audio for you to listen to in your own time at home.

This is an amazing way to help yourself on your journey with exactly the right support for you.

You can choose exactly what you want to achieve from this audio as well as deciding whether or not you want music and how long you want it to be.

Follow the link below to arrange your free 20 min phone call to discuss your needs and preferences.

30 minutes


20 minutes


10 minutes


Grab my free Calm meditation as an example of the methods I use.



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Mindful self compassion

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Mindful self compassion

Download your meditation

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Your meditation is on it's way to you. Please check your inbox