Being happy and fulfilled at work is not just possible, but necessary for a successful life

Be kind to your mind

De-stress techniques for the office

With over 20 years of experience working in the fast paced, busy, corporate world as a Fashion Buyer for Major Department Stores and subsequently 6 years of running my own Wellbeing store and Therapy centre; I fully understand the pressures and strains of the modern working environment.

I have created these workshops to take to your place of work, to demonstrate techniques and principles that will make your working days part of your life – not just something to wade through until you get to the weekend.

We spend so much time at work that I believe we should transform our working environment into a place of positive challenge and achievement.

It is possible to change your mindset, and your relationship, to both your work, and your working partners, to create a lively and stimulating workplace.

3 methods of support


1) Talks 

 Separate Talks

 Three 45 minute talks that can lead to further programmes or stand alone

  • Beat Burn Out –   For Busy professionals who need to calm the mind and body
  • Ease Overwhelm – For the mothers and carers who are finding it difficult to manage all the demands of work and home – the multitaskers
  • Meditation and Mindfulness in the modern World –  Is it possible to be mindful and successful at work ?


2) Workshops 

Half day workshop

Three separate half day workshops following on from the talks .

  • Beat Burn Out
  • Ease Overwhelm
  • Meditation and Mindfulness in the Modern World


 A more comprehensive look at ways to be calm and practise self care at work whilst promoting strong positive bonds between collegues. Demonstrating a variety of tools and techniques to make the working day less stressful, productive and successful. Using the principles of mindfulness and the applications of modern day methods of finding your own place of calm and peace at work.


3)  Light Mind Programmes 

6 x 1 hour sessions

£1250  (+ travel costs)

The Light Mind- Be Calm at work Programme

  • Beat Burn Out 
  • Reduce Stress 
  • Ease Overwhelm

Any number of delegates can be accomodated .

The course is held at your place of work.  

The course uses the premise of the Light Mind to encourage wellbeing, promote happiness and fuel productivity through peace, friendship and a sense of achievement.

It teaches techniques and methods to be more calm positive and resilient.

The course includes meditation, mindfulness exercises and self care activities.

The Light Mind Joyful Midlife at Work Programme

For ladies over 40

  • Make peace with the menopause
  • Feel vibrant and reclaim your confidence
  • Re connect with your inner self and wisdom
  • Be happy to be you

Any number of delegates can be accomodated

The course is held at your place of work

It teaches ways to feel more vibrant , regain confidence and feel  healthy with a balanced mind and body .

It includes relaxation techniques, mindfulness, health advice,  healing methods and natural beauty and style for the midlife lady.



This course is an interactive group course

I always start with the premise that calmness and kindness
are the true cradles of power.


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1-2-1 sessions

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The Light Mind 


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