What you can do to help yourself ?

We are all different with unique personalities and problems but there are some generalisations to be made and some methods that we can employ that will help everyone to help themselves .

Firstly always start with the premise that you should always

be kind to yourself

– really the rest will follow but this would then be a very small article so I’ll give a few more pointers


  • Know that when it comes to making changes you can learn to be at peace with the past and know that in each moment is a new choice that can alter your future.
  •  Remember that you are the one that you have been waiting for
  • Understand that to work your way out of a problem requires a certain amount of self love, resilience and awareness 

so how to do this ?

 Lets start with  Self Love

remind yourself every day that you are worthy of love.  A great way of supporting this is to do the hoponopo prayer.

say to yourself every day

I am sorry

I forgive you

I love you


(I will do a more complete article on this later as I believe this is an amazing meditation )

or you could try an affirmation every morning such as I am perfect as I am – I love you.

Say this to yourself in the mirror.

This really works.


You can find  support to help with your resilience and sometimes you can be shown  where best to place your efforts but the truth is 

It  can only be your efforts.

As a hypnotist a well known pre supposition of the art of hypnotherapy is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

The same goes for healing of any issue.

So my methods can help to show you a better way but it’s up to you to walk and sometimes just trust that you are on the right path and keep walking.

Sometimes resilience is the strength to know to change direction, when to stop and recharge and when to accept that this is just the way it is. 

This leads to awareness

I think the journey of life often feels like climbing a mountain. 

The journey to the top can be ardous but always with the view from the top in mind you keep going.

But maybe sometimes we should question whether the sacrifices we are making are worth the climb. Or maybe we should just make the journey more enjoyable and easier to navigate. 

This means greater awareness of the moment rather than looking to the future. 

Maybe take the journey more slowly and enjoy the scenery along the way or just stop and rest whenever you need.  

The greatest awareness is to know when the path you are taking is no longer the path you need. Perhaps a walk along the river is more appropriate for you right now. 

Be aware of who you are , where you are going and be in the moment. This is mindfulness and a great way to bring this awareness into your life is to breathe, take a break , start to meditate and bring in your body in your meditation. There is nothing more now than being in your body. Try the very simple body scan meditation.  

The body holds much knowledge and wisdom yet we always turn to our minds that have been altered by society and others beliefs. The body is yours and yours alone . Listen to it and make friends with it. 

Be in your body and your awareness will grow.  


Allow yourself to accept that you may never get to the top but that’s ok too because really ;

The journey is the journey.

To be enjoyed cherished and appreciated for all its ups and downs for all the heartaches and all the joys.

How you navigate the journey is what gives you a lifetime of experiences – not where you get too . That’s just a moment.

So why not live every moment instead of waiting for the one at the top.


And remember -You are the one that you have been waiting for but even a hero needs some support and care.





Mindful self compassion

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