I love a cup of coffee.  De caffeinated with almond milk.

Although some people think this is dishonouring real coffee.  But that’s what I drink since I discovered that caffeine was no longer my friend .

So on the look out for other alternatives Ive discovered the many benefits of herbal tea.  Some of them taste great.  some of them taste horrible but all of them have the medicinal  properties of the plants that they use.

Do they work.  ?

I think so.

When I owned a therapy centre and wellbeing store we stocked around 30 different herbs. they were in the old fashioned jars and  sold by weight . The whole process of opening the jars ,weighing them out and carefully putting them in bags with the smell of the herbs all around was a pure pleasure for us all at the store . It felt like we were modern day healers.

In store we were lucky enough to have an amazing medicinal herbalist – Alexandra. she taught us so much about the healing power of nature and made us all aware that the teas were actually natural medicine and not to be treated lightly. We knew the side effects and the precautions of all and were amazed by the help we could give to our customers with this powerful method of care.

The science behind herbs is without doubt. Modern medicine has taken so much from this ancient modality.  Did you know that aspirin , one of the most widely used painkillers  is willow bark for example or that quinine originally came from cinchona bark.

Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Greeks used a variety of different herbs as part of their healing including ones we see today such as francincense, fennel and thyme . In fact fennel is a well known cure for colic to this day.  The knowledge and anciemt wisdom of the herbs has been passed down and it is only now that science can prove its purpose.

The chemicals in herbs can be analysed and measured unlike  many forms of healing so it has an easier time being accepted. We even used to get Doctors sending people to us for some natural remedies.

So in my calm box I have created a tea that combines so many relaxing properties that you may just drift in to that place of peace within yourself when enjoying a nice brew !

Heres what I have put in there

Camomile – Probaly the most well known of the relaxing herbs and not without reason – it is one of the most powerful aids to sleep and rest.

Blackberry leaf –  Contains salicylic acid so reduces pain and inflammation as well as helping to lower blood pressure

Lemongrass –  Better known as citronella – It has a lovely lemony smell and is great at reducing stress.

Lime Tree Blossom – This was one of our favourites at the store. The lime tree also known as the linden tree is often called the tree of love. Folklore says that if you fall asleep under this tree you may be taken away by the fairies !   Maybe this was why it made us all feel dreamy .

To make this tea taste delicious I have added apple bits and cloves – a lovely strong smell and taste.

Finally just so that you can enjoy a peaceful  comfortable day I have added fennel and aniseed for digestion.

I hope you enjoy this tea. !

We do.


Mindful self compassion

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