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Transform Your Life 

Brief, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy 

My methods use a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy technique which is designed to make lasting changes in the shortest of times.

Each session begins with a period of talking,  designed to make you think more positively about the future and to access your deep rooted issues . This is  followed by hypnosis which accesses the subconscious mind to make lasting changes. It is based on the latest research from neuroscience and incorporates Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, NLP  Mindfulness and Coaching.We focus on the future whilst learning from the past to change any unwanted habits, beliefs and negative thinking to enable you to move forward with positive steps .

I believe that all healing is self healing – I see myself as a facilitator to your own innate power and wisdom.

My role is to hold the energy for you and take you to a deep place of understanding so you can talk to your soul and find the best way forwards for you. 

As a holistic therapist I believe that the body and mind should be seen as a whole system that functions as one. Epigenetics states that all our thoughts live in all our cells. Therefore to heal the mind means healing the body –

My methods are unique and  they work. 

Who can I help ?

 I am Joanna Rose a fully qualified and senior registered Hypnotherapist with the GHR . I have been practising Hypnotherapy for over 15 years and have created programmes using a combination of techniques  that have been truly successful and helped many clients with issues such as :

Weight loss


Anxiety and stress

Habits and phobias

Trauma and Childhood Issues



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Individual healing

If you  need more individual support, I offer 1-on-1 sessions in Cambridge or Bury St Edmunds or remotely by zoom.

Alternatively, you can order a bespoke hypo-meditation audio. You can start by booking your free 20min consultation.

The Calm Box

A total relaxation at home where all your Senses are engaged.  It’s full of beautiful products and a calming meditation.

Meditation Parties

A fun mix of meditation, hyponoaroma and de-stress techniques tailored to your group needs.

Light Mind Programmes

 There are 3  group programmes available

Joyful Midlife, Light Mind Calm , Light Mind Body

All using the premise of the light mind

Calm. Positive. Resilient

How can I Help?

I have been helping people for over 15 years and in that time I have collected a large toolbox of techniques and methods to support you in your journey of self healing and put them together in programmes, products and group support.

I use a combination of many techniques combined with my own methods and intuition.






Self compassion








Positive Psychology

Testimonial from Amanda.

Jo is masterful in her professionalism and has a unique and wonderful talent for guiding you through the process of awakening and healing your inner self. I cannot recommend her enough .  


How can you help yourself? 


Be kind to yourself and remember
That when it comes to making changes you can learn to be at peace with the past and know that in each moment is a new choice.


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The Light Mind 


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Mindful self compassion

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